Beck Hall, Malham

Car Park

Beck Hall's car park is on the right 30 metres further up Cove Road from the bridge and ford across the Beck. Please park there and walk back down the road to the bridge access. Please do not attempt to drive across the ford even if you have a capable vehicle. There is no parking available on the Hall side of the Beck. If you need assistance bringing your bags to or from the car park, please ask and we will be pleased to assist.

The Footbridge

While the footbridge may look daunting, it is quite typical of footbridges in the Dales. If you need assistance, please ask.

The cottage by the bridge forms two private homes not affiliated with Beck Hall. Please respect their privacy.

About Your Stay

Check In

Check in is from 4pm. You are welcome to arrive any time and we will look after you and / or your bags until your room is ready.

Your Room

Beck Hall uses non-allergenic pillows and duvets. Additional towels are available on request. Shower Gel is provided. If you have forgotten your toothbrush, we have an emergency supply.

Satellite Television

All roooms have either Sky or FreeSat.


Beck Hall has Free WiFi throughout.


A pay phone is available in reception. A phone box is available down Cove Rd toward the village. As is common through many parts of the Dales, mobile phone reception is extremely spotty especially inside the buildings.

Guest Lounge

In the lounge you will find an honesty bar stocked with drinks and snacks.

Bike Shed

We have a bike shed capable of holding up to 8 bikes.


Beck Hall is a non-smoking facility throughout for the comfort of our guests.